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Corporate Partners

ABBOT Gainschool
Eye-Q Bots 2011

The milk brand Gainschool (Abbott Laboratories) collaborated with me for this fun project in 2011. The Eye-Q bots are a set of robots that are simpler and less detailed, but still can combine into a giant robot, featuring the brand's 5-part brain growth sectors. This project is composed of 5 mini story books, toy patterns and a special milk can box for its limited promo period.


10 robot variants were inserted in Mediplast plastic strips 20's boxes. Five of which are part of the Foldabots' sub-group, MEDIBOTS. The other five are part of a Lutbot sub-group, SUGABOTS. Characters were specially named to reflect the company's tag line, Bilis Bisa, Bilis Galing. The villains were all related to bruises and wounds- the reason for using plastic bandages. The combiners form two arch-enemy giants, MEDITRON and SUGATRON.

A special print ad was released in January 2011 in K-Zone Magazine, where the combiner beam weapons could be cut out and used with the toys.

Jack n' Jill Pretzels
Universal Robina Corporation

20 Foldabots variants printed on the back panels of these Pretzels boxes. Each character is specially assigned as an arm, torso or leg to combine as a unified robot form. Part designations are represented by a key diagram in each box. Collect all 20 characters to mix and match parts and create your own combiner Foldabots.

WWF Philippines

4 sea creature- based Foldabots were made to promote environmental protection. A whaleshark, a humpback whale, a sea turtle and a dolphin. Patterns were given out to kids in various WWF school visits and roadshows for education.