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The Foldabots Dark Ages takes place in an ancient land where its indigenous clan called LUMAN believed that everything around them had a spirit, and was therefore deserving of respect. Lumans took only what they needed from their environment, and for everything taken, something else was given in exchange. Everything had a fundamental sense of fairness that made perfect balance and peace among man and the natural world.

All was in harmony, until the ARMADO clan invaded. Ruthless and destructive, their aim for total domination of the world drove them to plunder earth’s resources and feed their desire for power. Their conquests around the world earned them the meanest warriors, creatures, master hunters, and top scientists with crude inventions of superior militaristic might, regardless of what damages it causes to earth.

When Armados docked on Luman shores, they underestimated the natives, thinking that they were another lowly tribe. But the Lumans proved them wrong. Backed by nature, they unleashed their spirit warrior abilities, and battled valiantly to defend their home. Spirit creatures, massive tree protectors and home guardians served as formidable allies. Though they lived in separate islands, the finest warriors from the northern mountain tribes to the southern water tribes were teleported by powerful shamans in a seemingly endless battle of might and magic.

It is in this time when you shall enter the Foldabots Dark Ages, a savage era of heroes and their epic clan battles. It is up to your strategy skills to set and play the game. Whose side are you on? Build your clan and test your strategy skills today!