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About Foldabots

Foldabots is a series of cardboard robots that kids can create. It was created by Jomike Tejido,
an architect and artist based in Manila, Philippines. The first Foldabot was published in May 2006 in
K-Zone Magazine (Philippines) and has been going on ever since, with a new character pattern
every month.

Starting 2008, book compilations of Foldabots toys are published. These are the Foldabots Toy Book series, where most of the pages are cardboard, meant to be cut, glued and assembled into a mega-collection of toys. These feature upgraded re-issues of the K-Zone releases, as well as exclusive never-before
seen Foldabots.

The Foldabots

The FOLDABOTS are a team of earth-loving mechanisms that are brought to life by mystical charms called agimat. They were revived for a purpose- to rid a future world of an evil pollution incarnate monster called LU-SHO, and his hordes, the fiendish LUTABOTS.

The Foldabots Dark Ages

The Foldabots were not always robots. They were once humans of a clan called LUMAN, which lived in the ancient Dark Ages, a ruthless era of might and magic. They were patriotic people who attuned their life to nature and responsible stewardship. Thus, their environment endowed them mystic powers, as well as mighty elemental comrades to help defend their land from the evil ARMADO clan. ARMADOS were harsh invading conquistadors who had a single undeviating goal of plundering lands of its resources and taking over the world. DOMINADOR CABO led their forceful team, riding a heavily armed galleon that housed the best warriors and creatures from each land they invaded. It is up to the LUMANS, led by LAKAN MANAUL to fight the ARMADOS and make their final destination.