Gentle Giants
Themed with symbolic human attributes that the artist usually relates to his painting elements, this marriage of abstract art and marine life exudes values he wishes to imbue to the next generation.
A timeless tale on how garlic came to be. This set of illustrations were rendered on large banig canvases and were published in Oct. 2009 for a children’s picture book.
  Ibong Adarna (The Adarna bird)
A traditional Filipino song or “awit” re-illustrated for this two-part exhibition. The second was a joint exhibit with the Ateneo Children’s Theatre play, Adarna at ang Alaala ng Kristal.
  Under a woven canopy
Jomike Tejido’s 3rd solo exhibit, UNDER A WOVEN CANOPY, is a window to dreamy forests and abstract Philippine animals painted on pandanus mats or banig.
Philippine artist Jomike Tejido’s 2nd solo exhibit, MATSCAPES, brings viewers to dreamy landscapes painted on pandanus mats.
  The tree that captured the stars
Seeing the world from a tiny plant’s vantage, happiness may be considered very simplistic. A ray of light peeking from tree canopies, a gust of wind, or a refreshing first sip of water could make one’s day.
  Dreaming mats
This series, entitled Dreaming Mats, show spontaneous forms and non-representational abstract that reflect vivid dreams laid into the banig.
  Selected group Shows