Be adorable from head to paw: Dog & Owner matching pajamas

If you really want to get a special Christmas treat for yourself and your pupster, we have an amazing idea that you will simply love. We can all agree that dressing your furry friend in adorable outfits is something every dog owner loves. So why wouldn’t you do something really special for this festive season?

If you ever took ugly, matching Christmas sweaters for you and your dog, you remember how heartwarming and fun it was. Well, this year, it’s time to up your game, and get you and your dog some matching PJs. You can choose cat onesie for yourself too!

Yes, we know, your first thought will be “Well, that’s just silly”, but if you look it up, a lot of people are doing it. And yes, it is silly, but also adorable, and the perfect Christmas-letter material.

Treat yourself and your pup to some perfect lounge time with warm comfy onesies. You can get a set that’s holiday-specific, or one that you two can wear all year round. Some of these pajamas can double as lazy costumes for the next Halloween. Just make sure you tend to your dog whenever it is about to pee. Otherwise, it’s going to be messy. If your dog has urinated on your bed, just try exposing the mattress with blacklight for urine. Yes, you’re very welcome.

Here are the most popular dog-owner PJ options:

*The perfect green and red combo

Your dog gets the top, and you get the entire footed onesie that’s green and covered in reindeer, snowmen, and snowflakes. This classic model has grips, so you don’t slide around the house. It also comes with a drop seat Velcro in the back to help with other inevitable activities. These pajamas are available in all dog sizes, from XS to XXL, as well as all human sizes.

*Plaid time

Your pup gets a snuggle suit, and you get a warm and comfy onesie. This design isn’t just great for the holidays, you can wear it throughout the year. This model is available in all human and pup sizes, and it can be personalized with initials.

*Match away

Women’s and pet’s pajamas set is simply perfect for every lady who wants to get her pet something special. With complementary tops and bottoms, these pajamas are simply perfect for that. Humans get warm fleece versions, while pupsters get cotton ones, so they don’t boil. And, last but not least, this model is available in all sizes for both pups and humans.

* A Charlie Brown Christmas

If you’re a fan of this classic holiday special, then you’ll love this model. Identical pajamas for you and your dog have never been cuter, and they come in all human and dog sizes.

* Lounging around Pretty Little Liar style

Black sweatsuit-like pajamas are made to complement yours and your dog’s style. If you love “A” from Pretty Little Liars, you’ll love this outfit for the two of you. And yes, these come in all dog and human sizes.

*Cottage coziness

You and your pup can enjoy this super comfy pajama combo all day long. The human gets a footed onesie, and the dog gets a cute top. All sizes available. There’s nothing like the feeling wearing onesie while playing games online. Heaven!

If you like these ideas, you will love Chanukah, Elf, Snowy, and Meta sets. Each of these is designed to fit you and your pet perfectly without over warming your dog, and while keeping you comfy and warm. Perfect onesie for cold nights.

Here’s a chance for you to be original and unique this season – you just need to grab it! Prioritize this first before buying new blankets for sleep because when getting onesies, you will also have the features of blankets. Hitting two birds with one stone.





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