The Rise of Sister Bracelets And Why You Should Get One

Women of Ancient Greece and Ancient Russia, as well as oriental beauties, have always sought to emphasize the beauty and elegance of hands with various bracelets. This jewelry, made of precious metals, became a symbol of wealth and nobility, a sign of belonging to a higher society. You don’t have to look for any gifts you can give to your girlfriend, because you can give bracelets as gifts for birthday. By this way, you’ll be off to impressing your girlfriend with bracelets.

Choosing and buying a bracelet

Notice how erotically the bracelets slide and turn on the arm. To emphasize the natural beauty and shape of the hand you need to choose the bracelet.

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First, bracelets are jewelry, which have a size range. Therefore, when buying a bracelet, try it on and determine whether it presses on you, whether it is easily fastened and conveniently located on the arm. If you cannot attach a bracelet, take a measure in advance, measure the circumference of your wrist with a centimeter and choose a bracelet size 2-3 cm larger. Remember the wider the bracelet, the more centimeters it should be different from the true size of your wrist. As a rule, this refers to soft bracelets, for example bracelets in the form of gold chains. Hard bracelets, especially if they do not have a lock, should be comfortable to pass through the hand. There are practically no questions about the size of the bracelet, if it has the shape of an open ring, which will be convenient for almost any hand.

Secondly, pay attention to the size and fastening of the bracelet elements. It is important that the bracelet is comfortable to wear, do not turn the back side and do not pull the clothes. Therefore, choose bracelets with smooth polished shapes and secure anchorage rings. You can also choose bracelets with diamonds on them. It will be a classy and elegant move.

Third, look at your wrist and decide if it is thin or medium. Your beauty and style depends on the correct choice of a bracelet for different sizes of hands. Practically any shape is suitable for a thin arm, and for a wide wrist it is better to choose more massive bracelets or several thin ones. They will attract attention and soften the shape of the hand.

On a thin hand, a wide bracelet looks very stylish and elegant, and narrow bracelets or several thin chains set off the tenderness and fragility of an elegant female handle.

All these tips presuppose that you have money to buy one. However, if you don’t have some cash, better opt to DIY bracelets.

Where and how to wear?

Like any jewelry, the sister bracelets must match the overall style of your clothes. It would be strange to see an ethno-style bracelet with a sophisticated evening dress. Therefore, choose a bracelet that suits your outfit and mood. For a business suit, the ideal choice would be a narrow bracelet made of precious metals, a bracelet in the form of chains or medium-sized links. This jewelry should not distract attention, so do not wear bracelets on two hands to the office. Often the bracelet is replaced by an elegant watch. But putting a bracelet on one hand and a watch on the other is not a bad idea.

Huffington Post also featured an article regarding sister bracelets and other bracelets for the family.

Also among the young people are very fashionable bracelets with additional pendants. The style and symbols of these pendants or charms reflect the attitude towards the life of their mistress. If you see a pendant in the shape of a crown, flowers or bows, then most likely you are a real princess. If there is a key-lock on the bracelets beware this girl has her own secret. If the pendants are funny animals, there is a cheerful animal lover in front of you. And pendants in the form of hearts speak for themselves.

Do not go out of fashion and the so-called tennis bracelets made of small links, often with inserts of precious stones. The name and form came from sports, as they are especially popular with athletes who do not remove them even during competitions.

The classic or basic shape of the bracelet is round and tough. This is a one-piece bracelet, but can be made of two half-round halves connected by a hinge. In accordance with newfangled trends, you can wear several such bracelets at once and even on two hands. Often bracelets are made in the form of an open ring so that it can fit any hand size. It is convenient to squeeze or slightly straighten for easy wearing.

There are other forms of bracelets, which, depending on the vagaries of fashion, sometimes cause mass interest, then go into the shadows. Invariably one thing bracelets have long and firmly become the favorite adornments of many women. Ancient people made them from the bones and tusks of wild animals, then from different metals, leather and stones. Today we have a wide selection of jewelry for the hand, and we can afford almost any combination. And this is the beauty of modern fashion. The main thing is to preserve the harmony of your unique style.

How to choose a silver bracelet as a gift

The bracelet is a universal gift that is presented to relatives, loved ones, colleagues, friends. When choosing it, the shape of the hand is taken into account. Owners of elegant wrists fit thin rings and light bracelets. A large thing with crystals that attract attention looks advantageous on a large female hand. If the female hand is a standard size, the choice is not limited. Such ladies will suit air, light products, and designer ornaments up to ten centimeters wide. Silver bracelet is the common bracelet for travels, too.

How to choose a bracelet

In order not to get entangled in a wide range of jewelry stores, workshops and antique shops offering women’s silver bracelets, pay attention to the sample and authenticity of stones, make sure that you don’t slip a fake instead of a famous brand. Fitting in a jewelry store is a simple and familiar thing, but it is worth recalling that the bracelet should not freely slide off the hand, pinch the wrist or impair circulation. The ideal gap between the wrist and the product is from 0.5 to 1.5 cm. large silver bracelets with stones or engravings are suitable for women with curvaceous shapes.

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